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Crowdfunding for creatives

Here at RMIT listening to a presentation by Fundbreak
It’s a new platform for creatives to source funding for projects.
You can find successful example in Diaspora, a uni on ny concept for looked at Facebook and privacy concerns
Posted project for 10000
Got significant Press coverage
Raided over 200,000US in50 days!
Numbers of supporters and customers for new platforms

5% transact fee for service if project is successful

Encourage by keeping target to min and use rewards

Collaborative cooperation of a network of people to support an initiative

Social, creative,


Growth in social networks
Funding sources are becoming limited

Can be used for
Gauge demand
Fund projects
Engage with fans
Have fun

Selling the experience to supporters

Key to success
Networks and true fans
Engaging with supporters – keeping them up to date -viral marketing
Exposure –
Online and offline communities

Looking for proposals,

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