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For the past 4 years I’ve used this blog to explore shifts in communication practices in cultural organisations. During that time we established Museum3 as a social network and as that has grown, it has become clear to me that this blog is now more of an archive as most of my engagement occurs on Museum3.

So, for those of you who come to this site in the future, please feel free to consider it an archive which reflects on the changes as they have occurred. If you are interested in what is happening now, please visit Museum3 and if you are interested in my musings on what the future might look like, particularly one which is more focused on the connections between critical making, crowdsourcing, design and cultural institutions, I continue to post about new research here.

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This blog examines social media, cultural institutions and digital participation. It's based on the research projects Engaging with Social Media in Museums and New Literacy, New Audiences. Regular contributors are Angelina Russo, Lynda Kelly and Seb Chan


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